A Tribute to Chris from The Links at Outlook

“…brothers gotta hug!”

The Links at Outlook
South Berwick, ME

Blue tees – 6,004 yards; 67.9 rating, 123 slope

When we started this mission there were three original Golden Passport holders: myself, my brother Shane, and Chris who, at the time, was our sister Jill’s boyfriend. He’s since leveled-up to fiance, and the two made it official with a lovely wedding/awesome party at The Red Barn at Outlook Farm on Saturday, May 19th, 2018.

A group of us met at the facility on the Thursday prior to scope it out… aaaand I guess take advantage of the beautiful links course on the property to kick-off the wedding weekend. The golf course was awesome and we had a great time out, but I want to pay tribute to the guy who married my sister – and not just because he got us the tee times…

Growing up I never had to do any ‘older brother worrying’ when it came to Jill dating because SHE RAN OUR HOUSE. I’m not even kidding. Youngest in a family of five… with two older brothers… Mother is a banking executive… Father still intimidates me once in a while… she made all the decisions. She ran sh!t. So it was clear she could take care of herself and was going to be an independent young woman, but who in the world has the saint-like patience it takes to keep up with that?!?!

Enter Christopher Gary. Jill often refers to him as her gem and I totally get it. In the three-plus years we’ve been golfing together I don’t think I’ve ever seen him get mad. We all know golf is THE MOST frustrating and maddening sport in existence, and I try to stay as positive as possible on the golf course, but this kid can’t be broken. I mean I’ve seen him hit plenty of horrid, expletive-inducing shanks, and just smile them off. It’s almost inhuman.

Above all else he makes my sister happy, and that’s the best feeling in the world for an older brother. The golf and wedding weekend was a great time for all, and now the newlyweds are on a road trip exploring the country. You can follow their adventures from my sister’s blog: https://jboldlivinghappy.com

Congratulations kids, love you both!




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