Round Four: Nippo Lake Golf Club

“Brothers don’t shake hands…”

Note from Casey: If you thought I’d pass up an opportunity to give some crap to the guy marrying my sister, you should have known better. Thanks to Steven for contributing the round recap on this one, and look for my tribute to Chris in the next side mission post.

Chris’ bachelor party weekend was upon us and we were originally looking for a course to play up north near Jackson, NH where the party was taking place. In true New England style, Winter was longer than we all had wished for and the courses up North were still waiting to open their doors. So the consensus was to find asomething along the way up, and we decided on Nippo Lake Golf Club in Barrington, NH for round 5 of 2018.

Course: Nippo Lake Golf Club – Barrington, NH
Tee Time: April 27th, 2018 – 9:30 am
Grouping (5): CaseyB, Shane, Steven, Bobby, and Chris – The Bachelor
Conditions: 50-55 degrees, cloudy and chance of rain…

We had two tee-times and planned to have six golfers, but in true bachelor party fashion we lost a man already and were down to five. The pro shop attendant was very nice and allowed us to play as a 5-some in 3 carts (we may or may not have mentioned the blog…). We’re all about golf ettiquete, and were’nt about to slow anyone down, so we took off as fast as we could and had good cushion between the group behind us.

The front-nine was going smoothly with everyone playing their usual, some great shots and bad shots that lead to some good holes and bad holes, but nothing too ugly. Until we got to hole #8 and encountered the most rediculous and downright meanest pin placement any of us has ever seen.

The cup was on a severe downslop that if your approach was anywhere above the hole you were screwed. If you were below the hole and left your putt short, it was coming right back to your feet or maybe even further away. There was nowhere to stop the ball near the hole, I wish we took a picture, but we were just all in awe. The best score any of us could muster up on the par 4 was a double bogey 6!!!

Then came the beautiful and much different back nine that began with a cliff-hanger tee shot. The back side contained some long par 3’s and tight landing areas that really challenged all of our games. Along the way we tried pulling a trick out of the Tania Tare playbook (@taniatare63 if you’re not already following) with little success…

We got to the 18th tee just as it started sprinkling and you would think we were professionals. We knocked out that hole quicker than I’ve ever seen and immediately got on the road. It’s amazing what you can do when it’s time to crack open a cold one and get the bachelor party underway!

Nippo Lake GC is a beautiful course, and well worth a visit. Watch out for that 8th hole though, it’s a doozy.

Until next time, GO LOW!


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