Round One: Falmouth Country Club

We’re #OnTo2018

In New England, when January and February pass without an opportunity to tee it up, you start to wonder if you’re ever going to golf again. So, when Mother Nature and Father Time give you a window, you grab your sticks and jump through it. Layer-up, put on a beanie or two, grab some hand warmers, and get your bunker blasting butt to the Cape… WHO’S WITH ME?! Cousin Steven, that’s who.

Tiger Woods isn’t the only one back, baby. O:GP-2018 gets underway on a day trip ‘down cape’ for a windy round one at Falmouth Country Club in Falmouth, MA. (Bonus points for saying ‘windy round one‘ five times fast.)

Steven brought up the idea first to be honest, but as soon as he did I went into research mode. I swear by the WU (WeatherUnderground) and she proved to be right again, Waze was a bit light on the time, but that’s Boston for you.

FalmouthCC - ResearchCollage

As expected, it was quiet at the course, so we checked-in and grabbed a bucket of balls for the range. In a day of many firsts, Steven debuts his new King Cobra F7 driver and drills one with his first swing on the range. With a giggle and a grin, he turns to show-off the evidence of impact: dead center.

Steven's first ball with his new King Cobra F7 driver was a direct hit. I think we might be in trouble this year.
Steven’s first ball with his new King Cobra F7 driver was a direct hit. I think we might be in trouble this year.

Winter rules were in effect, so there weren’t many tee boxes in use, but it didn’t bother us a bit. To be golfing on March 10th in New England was a blessing, you’d be hard pressed to get a complaint out of us. We both agreed that my season truly started on the 3rd hole with my first birdie of the year: drive to the middle of the fairway, PW from about 110-yards, drained a five-footer, fist pumped. Even if the rest of the day was horrible for me, at least I had that to keep me coming back.

Shortly after my “Just Outside the Cart-Cam” video at the turn, the wind started to pick up and made the back-nine that much more interesting. As if the occasional goose poop obstruction wasn’t enough…

The icing on this cake of a kick-off was the scene from the 18th tee. I’m looking around at all the trees knocked down earlier in the week and notice the group ahead of us had taken a hard-left, harder than the dog-leg called for, and one of them was making their approach from the parking lot. The potential of ending up there crossed my mind, but I didn’t realize how much of an advantage it was until I saw the Twitter reactions.

T’was a splendid start to the season, and well worth the trip. As we started to pack up for the drive home, we we’re chatting with one of the guys from the group ahead of us who mentions he came down from PORTLAND, ME! I thought we we’re teetering on the edge of insanity with a 2-hour trip, but that made me feel better.

Hopefully the next round won’t have to wait for summer, but until that time comes…




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