Round Ten: Atkinson Country Club

Spoiler Alert: We Live Around Here

During high school and earlier, this place always intimidated me. I’ll describe it as a tough track that lulls you into a false sense of security with a picturesque landscape. It’s not impossibly tough, but the layout makes you think, which is tough to do when you’re distracted by the always-perfect course conditions.

AFTER the high school years, I love playing here because I know what’s out there and I’m usually playing with buddies who haven’t been. On this day I didn’t have said advantage, in-fact I’ve played here with this lineup more than anyone else, and every round has provided a lasting quotes or memory. This day did not disappoint.

COURSE: Atkinson Resort & Country Club (Atkinson, NH)

DATE-TEE TIME: June 28, 2017 – 7:30 AM

GROUPING: CaseyB, Shane, Eddie, Tim (OG)

CONDITIONS: 85 degrees and climbing…

One of our favorite quotes from prior rounds came from the OG himself on a fine 4th of July. From the middle of the fairway he proclaimed, “I paid my $80, I’ll hit from where ever the [expletive] I want.” It was that day we learned never to question the man’s methods, particularly on the golf course.

I’m happy to report we really didn’t need to use that line much throughout the day. We kept the ball in play on the front, nothing special, but we all maintained at least bogey-golf scoring.

The back-nine is where this course takes a turn for the technical. There are opportunities to save yourself if you get off track on the front, not so much out back. It starts with a blind drive into a downhill approach at a green flanked by bunkers. Then once you get through that mess, you pull up to the par-3 11th hole… yea.

The 11th hole at Atkinson CC
Here she is, in all its glory.

All of our games have come along to the point where we aren’t so much concerned with carrying the hazard. Now it’s dealing with the green itself, which is no cakewalk. This time around it was all Eddie, who ended up close enough to sink his birdie putt. (And danced around the green.) It’s a tall task no matter who you are, as there are no straight putts to be found. Staying below the hole is the way to go, because anything above leaves you with a scary downhill putt.

Once you’ve played the 17th hole (toughest hole on the card) and really feel great about your golf game, you pull up to the picturesque 18th tee. From the tee you can see the enormous clubhouse, restaurant, and everything surrounding it, but you can’t see the creek running in front of the green.

5 18thtee

We like to joke that everyone’s favorite shot is the approach to the 18th green, because on most days there’s a crowd of folks enjoying lunch, dinner, and/or drinks on the patio and what else would you be watching if you were sitting there? Once that creeps into your head, the shot becomes a bit tougher.

So if you’re ever in town, hit me up and we’ll check it out. If you’ve never been, at least now you’ll know what you’re up against.

Until next time, GO LOW!


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