Round Six: Middleton Golf Course

Of course when we’re on a mission to play a ton of golf, Mother Nature is going to play games for the entire Month of May. (And now June) So when you see the clouds part, and there’s a chance for a sunny Saturday morning: you plan for golf. For #6 we head to Middleton Golf Course in Middleton, MA.

COURSE: Middleton Golf Course
DATE-TEE TIME: June 3, 2017 9:00AM
GROUPING: CaseyB, Shane, Steven, Chris J
CONDITIONS: 60-65 degrees and sunny

T’was a beautiful morning we planned for three, and with nothing else to do Chris joined to make four, such a treat. In our heads we thought, “par 3, should be an easy day,” but it turned out to be the contrary, and went another way. A rude awakening it was, keeping our ego’s in-check, a simple reminder that we ain’t pros… yet.

The course was in fine shape, and kept us entertained, but without a doubt – by the end – our spirits were definitely drained. Regardless of the outcome, it was a great time had by all. We highly recommend a round at Middleton Golf Course, you’re sure to have a ball.

Until next time, GO LOW!



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