Round Two: Sagamore Springs Golf Club

Be it rain, wind, sleet, or snow: if you’re open, we’ll be there.

Some years ago, cousin Steven and I made plans to golf one Friday in early May and we we’re itching to go. I had started a new job and taking a random day off in the corporate world was new to me, so I wasn’t about to reschedule it because of a little rain. We arrived at the course on that cloudy morning and said, “doesn’t look bad.” And that was the last time we we’re dry that day. It poured the entire time, we were the only saps out there, I was sick for a week after it, and it was one of my favorite rounds of golf, ever.

I open with this anecdote to illustrate the standard that’s been set for bailing on a tee time in our circle of golf buddies. They make rain gear and umbrellas for a reason, suit up, grab an extra glove or two, and let’s go. Of course, if things get crazy we know when to quit, but we’re men of our word. When we make a tee time, we’ll make the tee time…

COURSE: Sagamore Spring Golf Club – Lynnfield, MA

DATE-TEE TIME: April 21st, 2017 – 7:31 AM

GROUPING: CaseyB, Steve Moore, Shane Bolduc, Ed Lukas

CONDITIONS: 47 degrees, rainy, variable winds, more rainy

STAKES: N/A (not today, Chief)

We kept score throughout, but by the end we couldn’t make out some of the scores we had written down so we’re calling this a practice round. We’ll use Steven as an example, but we all had something like this happen at least once…

Once we got ‘comfortable’ with the conditions, a good time was had by all. Steven was nice enough to bring hand warmers for everyone, which made it possible to feel your fingers, but clearly nothing was stopping the rain from getting everywhere. I joked around 14 or 15 that, “this was a great idea until about 10 minutes ago.” Which is right around the time the moisture finally made it’s way to the innermost layer of clothing.

The course layout is fun, starting off with a par 3, and closing with back-to-back par 3’s. Plenty of real estate to play with your driver, but it’s not wide open by any means. Smart tee shots really pay off, which is was a sticking point with this group, but when you get it right, there’s opportunity to make it count.

Shot of the day goes to Shane who used his cart-ner to his advantage, and used Eddie’s lefty 7-iron to get around a tree trunk next to the fairway. Honestly didn’t think it was going to work out, but he plucked it right out and put himself in great position for par.

Runner-up shot of the day is Eddie, who saved the best for last after a troubling day off the tee. He dropped a beautiful ball on the green of the long 180-yard 18th with a 4-hybrid – sending us all into a burst of laughter. It’s a long 180 because the target is well above eye level, making it a bit of a crap shoot from the tee – and it just figured he was the only one to reach cleanly.

With the conditions as they were, it’s tough to weigh-in on favorite, toughest, or prettiest hole on the course (yes, prettiest will be a category). Eddie voted for 18, for obvious reasons, but I was a fan of 15 and 16.

They’re a tale of two par-4’s to say the least: 15 is a longer one with water in your face off the tee, and some tight lines to navigate along the way. On the other hand, 16 is like a dreamy oasis after the previous experience with an inviting landing area for your tee shot, and room to work with on your approach shot. There are bunkers flanking the green, but nothing to get excited about.

I won’t lie – the scores weren’t pretty, but the laughs were worth the trip. Hopefully we all avoid any sort of sickness, and will have a nicer day next time around. Below are a few other shots from the course, and the holed descriptions from the score card.

Until next time, GO LOW!


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