Round One: Juniper Hill Golf Course

O:GP is a GO!

In true New England fashion, Spring teased us for a week in February then decided we’re all doing the ice bucket challenge throughout March. It’s never a surprise, but that doesn’t make it suck any less.

Now it’s April and I, for one, am done. I’m not preparing for any more snow storms, the winter coat is packed away, clubs are back in the trunk of my car – ready for anything. It’s not 80 degrees and sunny, but I’m putting my foot down.

Operation Golden Pass is a go…

COURSE: Juniper Hill Golf Course (Lakeside Course)
DATE/TEE TIME: April 7th, 2017 – 12:09 PM
GROUP: CaseyB (Me), Steve Moore, Tim Bolduc (aka Dad)
CONDITIONS: 52 degrees, overcast, variable winds
STAKES: N/A (too soon)

Spoiler alert, but there’s a lot of ME in this round because while some others worked out some kinks over 18-holes – I came out firing. AND I don’t often finish better than Steven, so I’m taking the opportunity to gloat.

After a peaceful (non-commuting) drive down 495 we arrived at the club house to check-in. Very friendly folks inside, and the starter has jokes so bring a smile.  The first and 10th tee boxes are elevated with a staircase leading to each, and as you plug your tee into the grass on one – you’re looking up at a 187-yard par-3. Fun start…

JH first tee SM TB
Cousin Steve (left) and Dad warmin’ up on One. (Photo: CaseyB)

Steven has seen a chiropractor a few times recently and it was clearly having an effect. Not a great one though. Normally we’ll pull up to our drives and he’s got me by a few yards, but NOT TODAY FRIENDS. I was swinging a big stick, and what’s more (and extremely unusual for me) I found out I HAVE A SHORT GAME!

I know, crazy right?! I completed my wedge set with 56 and 58 degree Callaway’s to match my 52, and it paid off. My brother Shane chuckled when I mentioned getting the 58, indicating I didn’t need one. Well, brother, check me out now…

As I mentioned, Steven and Tim were working out the winter bugs for most of the day, but Steven started to hit his stride with six parson the back. Unfortunately for him, I found my second gear and finished 2-over on the last nine. So all-in-all, a good day for… well me. But as they say, “even a bad day on the golf course beats any day elsewhere.”

Here’s the official scorecard and some more photos. Comment with your own experiences at Juniper Hill, or feel free to take me down a notch with your own scores.

Until next time, GO LOW!


JuniperHill Scorecard 4-7-17


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