The National Golf Expo

I have to admit that my first thought about going to the National Golf Expo in Boston was: “I already have 42 rounds of golf, the wedges to complete my set, and about 2 dozen Callaway’s left over from last year; what else could I gain from this?” But looking back, it was worth the trip. On Saturday (3/5) I rode in with my brother Shane and father Tim – both of whom you’re sure to read more about as this summer progresses – while the ladies in our lives went dress shopping for my sister’s wedding. (I’m sure you’ll hear more about that, too.)

Shane and Tim taking it all in.

The three Bolduc men grazed the open floor with eyes glazed over, taking in all the wonderment surrounding them. Chipping contest over here, long drive booth over there, discount golf clubs and vacations as far as the eye could see. In a word, it was magical.


In reality it was a great escape from the frigid day and I got to catch up with some folks along the way. As we were wandering I noticed a booth for the Northern Catskills, where I used to live with my wife Meghan, and behind the booth a familiar face. Peter Maassmann is the PGA Pro and Owner of Blackhead Mountain Lodge & Country Club in Round Top, NY. While living in NY I was a Sports Reporter for The Daily Mail and covered high school golf, which is where I first met Peter while he was coaching the Cairo-Durham team. Goes to show you, it’s a small world. Plus it put the thought in my head that we really have to squeeze in a golf trip to Greene County, NY sometime this year…

Joe & Leigh’s Area

The wandering continued and I bumped into someone who I remember from even further back in the day. I was filling out an entry form for more free stuff (a primary objective whilst walking the floor) at a table for 98.5 the Sports Hub when I realized the voice next to me was a familiar one. Turned out to be Hardy, who I also remember listening to when WBCN was still in operation. I’m man enough to admit I geeked out a little, but we talked a little golf and I was able to play it cool. Although Shane will tell you, I was kicking myself the whole way home for not getting a picture for the blog.


So all-in-all the day was a success. Shane and Tim picked up some clubs, I came away with a Deutsche Bank Championship flag and a copy of the New England Golf Guide (pictured); not a bad days work. If nothing else, it has inflamed my obsession with the game and my wife is loving every minute of it.


Until next time,


P.S. Callaway is my go-to brand, hence the cover photo.

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